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Broker Vs Retail Vs Bankk

What makes a Broker different than a Bank or Retail lender?

​There are many differences between the 3 different types of lenders. Banks and Retail Lenders only have one set of underwriting rules. Brokers can shop clients needs based on situations. Not every client situation is the same. Brokers can then shop numerous lenders for custom tailored programs to meet that individual client needs, then shop for the best rates available on the market to meet those needs. 

Our goal is to find the best programs for our clients and provide education about the programs applicants are applying for. From start to finish we want to provide education and transparency about our process so our clients never feel they are left in the dark.


Advocates for clients-not Banks

Brokers are here to help you navigate the mortgage process. We are here to be an advocate for you helping you reach your goals. 

Personal Shopper

Your Broker is your personal shopper.

We use industry leading mortgage tech to shop interest rates and programs as fast as they are available to the market. Client situations can change and being able to adapt counts.

Rapid funding

Closing speed counts. We know.

We know how important it is to have the mortgage process go fast and just importantly smoothly. Our clients are closing on their homes faster than Fannie Mae averages. 

Mortgage Tailor

Your personal Mortgage designer

Your pants aren't one sized fits all, neither is a mortgage. We are here to find you the best programs to fit your needs. 

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